vertical glass COATING system

The vertical inline sputter system VISS is an appropriate, modular solution for vertical deposition processes when scaling up from laboratory use to production. The tool is available either as a single end inline or for continuous processing and is uniquely suited for scaling up to substrate sizes of up to 600 mm x 2400 mm.

The substrates are transported by a carrier system, which is tilted vertically by seven degrees. The substrates can be loaded without touching their front side.




应用: 光伏, 精密光学

基片形状: 平面/刚性

基材: metals, 晶圆, 玻璃, 聚合物

镀膜技术: 磁控溅射(向上), 磁控溅射(向下)

功能: 电极层, 透明导电氧化物, 钝化, 防反射

膜层和膜系: Ag, AlOx, AZO, Cu, ITiO, ITO, NiV, SiN, SiOx, 氧化钛, 钛, 铝, 锌